Terms And Conditions Of Light House Cinema Smithfield

  1. Students must show a valid student id card.
  2. Patrons acting in an unruly fashion before entering the movie theatre may be refused entry to or be asked to leave the movie theatre.
  3. Patrons causing disturbance to other patrons (e.g. excessive talking, excessive laughing, constant mobile phone use) in the movie theatre will be asked to leave without refund.
  4. Person/persons asked to leave the cinema due to unruly/abusive behaviour are not the responsibility of the cinema.
  5. We ask all patrons to act with due care while on the cinema premises.
  6. Food and beverages purchased off-site are not allowed on the premises. However, alcoholic beverages purchased at our bar are allowed into the cinema theatres.
  7. Cinema certificates are the law. You will be asked your date of birth if there is a doubt as to whether you are not the required age. It is at the staff members' discretion to permit your entry to the movie if the staff member suspects you are not the required age. Where you are refused entry in such circumstances, you may choose another movie of a suitable age provided the staff member is treated amicably after refusal, otherwise you may be denied entry to the cinema.
  8. If a patron has been asked to leave the cinema on a previous occasion due to unruly/abusive behaviour, entry to the cinema on another occasion is not guaranteed.
  9. Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult (over 18), children are requested to remain in their seats for the movie screening to avoid disturbing other patrons.
  10. You must have your ticket available for inspection at all times.
  11. The movie week runs from Friday to Thursday so all listings are different each Friday.
  12. All personal belongings are brought to Light House Cinema at the owners risk. We do not accept responsibility for lost, broken or mis-placed belongings.
  13. If a breakdown should occur during the screening of a movie, a choice of another movie will be offered if the time frame allows it or a complimentary pass will be issued. Cash refunds will not be given.
  14. Credit card refunds are refunded back to the credit card on the day of the transaction, if this does not occur, in error, then the cinema may be contacted through email or telephone (details on the web sites) and the amount will be refunded.
  15. If overcharging/double charging occurs, a statement of account must be provided to the cinema before a full refund will be made.
  16. A refund will not be entertained if a movie is not to your liking.
  17. Where a booking has been made on the website or over the phone by credit card, at least 3 hours' notice must be given to the cinema if you cannot attend the movie, otherwise the full amount of the original booking will be charged to your credit card.
  18. If a booking has been made through a cash transaction in the cinema, at least 3 hours' notice must be given if you cannot attend the movie, the tickets must be handed back to the cinema.
  19. A refund will only be given at the cinema with a valid ticket.
  20. Hot food i.e (e.g. fast food, pizza) may not be consumed in the cinema theatre due to the odour it creates for other patrons.