Hollywood Babylon

Hollywood Babylon presents BEST MOVIE YEAR 1988.

A new year long season celebrating one of the greatest ever years in cinema! 1988! A year when cartoon rabbits walked among us, when aliens walked among us, when Frank Drebin wrestled the Queen.
Hollywood Babylon have been flying the flag for the leaky and ever-growing genre known as 'midnight movies' for over ten years. Basically their selection process comes down to 'what would be fun and exciting to watch late at night with a bunch of rowdy pals while drinking beer' or 'trashy movies for drink people'. Basically this is the most fun you're likely to have in a cinema this year (or any other year for that matter).

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  • Hollywood Babylon: The Naked Gun 35mm

    Frank Drebin, an inept police detective, and Jane Spencer set out to impede Vincent Ludwig's plan to brainwash people into assassinating the Queen of England...

    Director: David Zucker

    Genre: Comedy

    Release Date: Fri 02 Dec 1988

    Apr 22 / 2023
  • Hollywood Babylon: Miracle Mile

    Miracle Mile is a 1988 American apocalyptic thriller film written and directed by Steve De Jarnatt, and starring Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham. The film depicts the panic surrounding a supposed doomsday brought on by a sudden outbreak of war…

    Director: Steve De Jarnatt

    Genre: Thriller

    Release Date: Fri 19 May 1989

    May 20 / 2023
  • Hollywood Babylon: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    Toon Roger suspects his wife of having an affair with Marvin and hires a detective, Eddie Valiant. But when Marvin is found dead, Roger is accused of murder...

    Director: Robert Zemeckis

    Genre: Animation,Comedy

    Release Date: Wed 22 Jun 1988

    Jun 17 / 2023

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