Silver Screen

Every Friday morning we have screenings of new releases for film fans over the age of 65, for the reduced ticket price of €6 which includes complimentary tea/coffee before the film.

For more info feel free to give us a call on 01 8728006.

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  • Silver Screen: Fancy Dance

    Since her sister’s disappearance, Jax (Lily Gladstone) has cared for her niece Roki (Isabel Deroy-Olson) by scraping by on the Seneca-Cayuga reservation in Oklahoma. Every spare minute goes into finding her missing sister while also helping Roki prepare for an…

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    Director: Erica Tremblay

    Genre: Drama

    Release Date: 28-Jun-2024

    Fri 28 Jun
  • Silver Screen: Green Border

    In the treacherous and swampy forests that make up the so-called "green border" between Belarus and Poland, refugees from the Middle East and Africa trying to reach the European Union are trapped in a geopolitical crisis cynically engineered by Belarusian…

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    Director: Agnieszka Holland

    Genre: Drama

    Release Date: 07-Jun-2024

    Fri 05 Jul
  • Silver Screen: The Sparrow

    A teenager lies about a death and struggles to face the consequences that unfold...

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    Director: Michael Kinirons

    Genre: Drama

    Release Date: 08-May-2024

    Fri 12 Jul
  • Silver Screen: Thelma

    When 93-year-old Thelma Post gets duped by a phone scammer pretending to be her grandson, she sets out on a treacherous quest across the city to reclaim what was taken from her...

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    Director: Josh Margolin

    Genre: Action,Comedy

    Release Date: 19-Jul-2024

    Fri 19 Jul

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