GAZE: Generation Tochter

GAZE: Generation Tochter
CLUB111 min

Director: Marielle Sjomo Samstad Producer: Starring: Released:Mon 05 Sep 2022


“Your dear Clara would love to be done with the robberies…” For almost thirty years the Red Army Faction, aka Baader Meinhof Gang, terrorised the capitalist powers-that-be of Germany. Dagmar (Linda Sixt) is one of the final gang members to remain on the run, unable to conform or to imagine an existence beyond bank robberies, false names and hideouts. Her teenage daughter Clara (Alida Stricker) is inescapably caught up in their renegade existence, longing for a life of normality, and yearning to be with her second mother Samira who has made a break from the criminal underworld – for now at least. As Clara navigates her own burgeoning queer desire and begins to taste genuine freedom for the first time, conflicts ensue that are way beyond typical adolescent friction. With taut dialogue, nail-biting heist scenes and a gorgeous queer nightclub sequence, Generation Tochter sets a sophisticated standard for lesbian thrillers to come. For lovers of… The Baader Meinhof Complex, Monster, Free Fall Pre-Feature Short: Shall We Talk? Dir. Katya Mikheeva / Russian Federation / 2022 / 5m Polina is Russian, bisexual, and ready to come out in this vivid and delightful animated short.

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