GAZE: Queer Classic: The Living End

GAZE: Queer Classic: The Living End
CLUB120 min

Director: Gregg Araki Producer: Starring: Released:Fri 30 Sep 2022


“Fuck everything!” Before anti-retrovirals, before Morrissey went batshit, before ‘Bad Gays’ were bad and GAZE was even ‘GAZE’… there was Gregg Araki’s The Living End. Released the same year GAZE was born, this is a perfect chance for us to delve back into a genuine queer classic – and just like us, it’s looking damn good for 30. Araki totally corrupts the iconic American road movie template with his nihilistic HIV positive pansy and punk duo, ripping up the present like there’s no tomorrow – because there really wasn’t. With an irresistible lexicon of guns, muscles and Smiths posters, and a soundtrack to kill for, The Living End spoke to an angry young queer generation who were about to get their own new wave of cinema and an attitude that was well and truly earned.Absolutely fuck everything. For lovers of… My Own Private Idaho, Thelma and Louise, Hustler White In conversation: This special archive curation has been selected by DJ, writer, historian, activist, and all-round Dublin gay icon, Tonie Walsh. Tonie will join GAZE after the screening to talk about The Living End, queer cinema, and 30 years of GAZE.

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