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GAZE: The Art of Experience (Shorts)

GAZE: The Art of Experience (Shorts)
CLUB90 min

Director: Producer: Starring: Released:Mon 05 Sep 2022


This year we foreground our festival mission to celebrate “the art of film” with shorts programmes that gleefully play with theme and content. The Art of Imagination, The Art of Cruising, The Art of Experience and The Art of Dress actively queer each of our themes to bring you diverse selections of new shorts that shine a light on the sheer artistry of LGBTQ+ lives. Time and ageing are tricky topics for LGBTQ+ people but these filmmakers explore them with panache, ingenuity and hilarity in equal measure. Their films look at nostalgia, ageing, passion, community, loneliness and collective futures from a range of dynamic viewpoints that honour queer experience. Move over young’uns… Programmed by Greg Thorpe Bar Stories from Queer Maine Dir. Betsy Carson, Wendy Chapkis United States / 2022 / 16m Funny and poignant accounts of gay bars as venues for community, organizing, sex, and safety, revealing the threat to queer culture of our disappearing social spaces. Grown In Darkness Dir. Devin Shears Canada / 2021 / 17m Henry lives alone growing rhubarb in the dark when his friend Emmanuel arrives to collect the harvest. Together they tentatively explore the boundaries of their relationship in a tender and touching film about loneliness and longing. I’m Here, I’m Home, I’m Happy Dir. Orla Egan Ireland / 2021 / 18m LGBT people from Cork in the 1970s and 80s remember cherished community spaces, parties, pubs, clubs and political activism. Write Here Dir. Jake Muñoz Consing Philippines / 2022 / 15m An ageing gay man with Alzheimer’s struggles to hold onto his identity and the memory of his one true love. ‘Where do all the old gays go?’: Experiences of the older LGBTQIA+ Community in Ireland Dir. Cathy Dunne Ireland / 2022 / 18m An intimate documentary in which LGBTQ+ contributors speak openly and honestly about their lives, struggles and joys, their pasts and their imagined futures

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