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GAZE: The Art of Imagination (Shorts)

GAZE: The Art of Imagination (Shorts)
CLUB93 min

Director: Producer: Starring: Released:Mon 05 Sep 2022


This year we foreground our festival mission to celebrate “the art of film” with shorts programmes that gleefully play with theme and content. The Art of Imagination, The Art of Cruising, The Art of Experience and The Art of Dress actively queer each of our themes to bring you diverse selections of new shorts that shine a light on the sheer artistry of LGBTQ+ lives.Ranging through sci-fi, fantasy, horror and more, the genre films in The Art of Imagination dive into the endless imagination of LGBTQ+ filmmakers. An odyssey of thrills, chills, and musical numbers.Programmed by James HudsonKISS Dir. Varun Grover India / 2022 / 15m A filmmaker screens his sci-fi film for the all-male Indian Censor Board only to find the laws of time and space warping around a kissing scene.Beyond Masks Dir. Letícia Lopez Rangueri, Lucas Brassanini Flores, Carolina Bonformagio da Silva Brazil / 2022 / 11m A secret romance is blossoming behind the scenes of a pantomime when one fearful lover loses himself in the fantasy of the Harlequin.Child of Polycritus Dir. Lauren John Joseph United Kingdom / 2022 / 18m A humorous historiography in which the Virgin Mary visits a nail salon to chat about gender nonconformity in myth and history with her gossipy manicurist.The Last Human Person on Earth Dir. Ryan Michael Hoskins United States / 2022 / 13m Two young boys act out the end of the world in a suburban garage. They are a mad scientist, his handmade robot, friends forever, Marco, Polo, and something more.Don’t Go Where I Can’t Find You Dir. Rioghnach Ní Ghrioghair Ireland / 2022 / 20m A composer haunted by her late lover creates a new suite of music, determined to unmask the ghost of her partner and the guilt of leaving her behind. DIRECTOR’S SPOTLIGHT: Past GAZE jury-winner Rioghnach Ní Ghrioghair elevates the lesbian ghost story into high art. GT.White Wedding Dir. Lloyd Eyre-Morgan United Kingdom / 2022 / 16m A bride cursed across dimensions by her homophobic grandmother-in-law must battle through zombies, musicals and gun-toting in-laws to return to her wedding day.

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