I Dream in Photos + Director Q&A

I Dream in Photos + Director Q&A
CLUB 18+80 min

Director: Gary Lennon Starring: Released:Sun 10 Dec 2023


I DREAM IN PHOTOS is a feature length documentary that explores the life and work of Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Cathal McNaughton, who quit “the best job in the world” at the peak of his career aged just 40. Through this intimate narrative film, we learn of his courageous work in the field in some of the world’s most harrowing trouble spots. We find Cathal at a time of deep reflection. His obsession with his art, drove him away from his family and son. As he rebuilds personal relationships in his now almost monastic life, far from the adrenaline filled front line, he is challenged by the demons of his past. Directed by Gary Lennon, this documentary will explore through Cathal’s breath-taking 25 year-long body of work the importance of photojournalism in a world saturated by social media and fake news.

Q+A to follow the screening.

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