The Bothy Band
CLUB 18+90 min

Director: Starring: Released:Wed 19 Jun 2024


Sometimes you get a special opportunity that lets you in the door to watch folk who were the music pathfinders of their day, recreate that day. This feature documentary follows surviving Bothy Band members Matt Molloy, Dónal Lunny, Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill, Kevin Burke, Paddy Glackin and Paddy Keenan in their coming together for the first time since 1978 to rehearse and reflect on the music they made together and the impact it had on each of their lives and those of former members.

The Bothy Band is also the story of rock and roll, Irish style! Rebellious young things making their own music - they were the sound of the 70’s, who wear themselves out and are looking back on the most creative days of their lives, it’s about friendship, youth, loss of age, vigor, loss of friends, legacy, these are universal themes… and how vulnerable the band make themselves in the run up to the concert, can they bring it all back?

As audiences we find ourselves willing them on, rooting for them and seeing them play and rekindle their former spark - it’s such a compelling watch, a universal story that gives hope to all about second chances at friendship, creativity, performance!

Also a major part of the film is about Triona - a woman in a man’s world then in the 70’s and now - we give her her rightful place as part of a revolutionary rhythm section, holding the rest of the band together.

The Bothy Band is a powerful and moving film with honesty running right through it. Lunny's steering is really revealing. And as for their soulful skill...well what a special group.

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