CLUB 18+90 min

Director: Paul Sng Starring:Maxine Peake, Ella Murtha Released:Tue 05 Dec 2023


Paul Sng’s powerful film celebrates the work of social documentary photographer and trailblazer Tish Murtha and her commitment to fighting for the lives of working-class communities in 1970s and 80s North East England. Tish was driven by a fierce conviction to record the impact of Thatcher era de-industrialisation upon local communities, striving to highlight and challenge the social disadvantages that she herself had suffered. Her striking black and white photos convey a tenderness and intimacy and are a powerful record of a world decimated by a new and ruthless form of capitalism. The film follows Tish’s daughter Ella as she revisits key moments from her mother’s life and work. She is accompanied by people who remained close to Tish throughout her life, and who are committed to ensuring her remarkable legacy is recognised.

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