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      Terms & Conditions

      Terms & Conditions


      Concessions can be availed of by customers over 65 years of age, and Students with a valid ID card.
      Student ID cards which have no expiry date but have an issue date are valid for 4 years from date of issue. ID cards with no issue or expiry date will not be accepted. 

      Valid Student ID is required at both the collection desk and the screen entry point for those who have availed of student priced tickets.

      Babies under the age of one year can attend screenings before 5pm providing that:

      • They sit on a lap for the entire screening (i.e. do not take up a seat).
      • Parents leave the auditorium should their child be causing a disturbance to other customers;
      • The film is classified as G, PG ,12A or 15A

      Light House Cinema runs special Parent & Baby screenings every Wednesday and Saturday’s. We provide a place to store your pram or buggy, and we turn down the volume and keep low lighting for baby’s comfort. More details on our Parent & Bay screenings can be found here:

      You must have your ticket available for inspection at all times.

      Please note that tickets for all events are non-transferrable and we hold no responsibility for any tickets secured via other sources.

      If a breakdown should occur during the screening of a film, a choice of another film will be offered if the time frame allows it or a complementary pass will be issued, cash refunds will not be given.


      Refunds/Ticket Swaps are available up to 24 hours before a screening. Please note box office phone line are open 9am-9pm on weekdays and 12pm-9pm on weekends; the email address is and the phone number is 01 8728006. 

      Tickets purchased online and not collected can be refunded remotely. Customers will only be refunded by the method of payment at time of initial booking.

      A refund will not be given if the movie is of personal dislike to you.



      The use of e-cigarettes is prohibited in ALL interior areas of Light House Cinema.

      Those who are of disturbance to other patrons (excessive talking, mobile phone use) in the cinema will be asked to leave without refund.

      Those acting in an unruly fashion before entering the screens may be asked to leave the building or refused entry to the cinema screen.

      Persons asked to leave the cinema due to unruly or abusive behaviour are not the responsibility of the cinema.

      If a patron has been asked to leave the cinema on a previous occasion due to unruly or abusive behaviour, entry to the cinema on another occasion is not guaranteed.

      We ask all patrons to act with due care while on the cinema premises.

      Light house do not hold responsibility for customers personal belongings. Any items found in the venue will be held in our lost and found for two weeks, and then discarded if not claimed.

      Children must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) and be supervised at all times.


      Food and drink

      External food and drink will not be permitted onto the premises.
      Hot food is not permitted in screen.

      Film Classification

      Film classification is law. You will be asked your date of birth if it is thought you are not the required age to see a film, it is at the staff member’s discretion to allow you to see the film if the staff member suspects you are not the required age. You may choose another film for the suitable age provided the staff member is treated amicably after refusal, otherwise you may be denied entry to the cinema.
      Club means unclassified and therefore over 18 years of age.


      Loyalty Scheme Terms and Conditions

      1. Introduction
        1. These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms"), as may be from time to time amended, set out the general terms which apply to you in relation to Our Membership Schemes (as defined below).
        2. Nothing in these Terms affects your statutory rights as a consumer.
      2. Definitions
        1. In these Terms:-


      means the cinema Light House or Pálás;

      "Cooling Off Period"

      has the meaning set out in clause 8.1;

      Loyalty Members

      means a member of the Light House Group schemes as further described in clause 4;

      Loyalty Membership Scheme

      means either the Loyalty Membership schemes as further described in clause 4;


      means a member of the LIGHT HOUSE / PÁLÁS, who is part of a Membership Scheme;

      "Membership" or

      "Membership Scheme"

      means any of the Loyalty, Loyalty U25/Student, Loyalty Plus or Loyalty Plus O65;

      "Membership Account"

      means a Member's online account (available here) where they can manage their Membership;

      "Membership ID"

      has the meaning set out in clause 5.10;


      has the meaning set out in clause 4.1.3;

      "Us" or "We" or "Our"

      means LIGHT HOUSE / PÁLÁS,


      means anyone who purchases or signs up to a Membership.

      1. Application Of These Terms
        1. These Terms, together with Our Privacy Policy and Cinema Terms of Use govern the way in which You may apply to and use your Membership.
        2. Please read these Terms carefully and make sure that You understand them before applying for any of Our Membership Schemes (you may wish to print a copy for your records). By applying to any of Our Membership Schemes You are agreeing to these Terms. If You do not agree with these Terms You should not apply for a Membership.
      2. Types Of Membership
        1. We offer three different types of Membership:
          1. Loyalty (a free scheme for customers aged 27 years and older);
          2. Loyalty Student/U25 (a free scheme for customers aged 16 – 25 years old inclusive & students); and
          3. Loyalty Plus (a paid membership open to everyone aged over 16 years old).
          4. Loyalty Plus O65 (a paid membership open to everyone aged over 65 years old).
        2. The benefits of the Membership Schemes are set out in clause 11 below. When You sign up or purchase a Membership, You will select a Membership category which will determine your benefits and may also give You access to certain other offers and benefits from time to time.
        3. You are eligible for any Membership Scheme if You are aged 16 or older. By submitting a Membership application You are confirming to Us that You are at least 16 years old. We may at any point ask for proof of your age.
        4. We promise to provide the Membership services to You with all reasonable skill and care and to use reasonable efforts to promptly remedy any faults of which We become aware. However, We do not provide any other promises or warranties about Membership, Our Website or services.
      3. applying for a membership scheme
        1. You may apply for any of the Membership Schemes by completing an online application form available on Our Website, or at the box office at the Cinema. You may not apply for a Membership Scheme for anyone other than yourself.
        2. When placing an order You must provide Us with complete and accurate payment information.
        3. To apply for and use a Student/U25, a valid ID stating You are 25 or under or a valid student card is required and may be requested at any time.
        4. We will notify You by email if this is the case and will not charge You for the Membership scheme You have attempted to purchase.
        5. Applying online
        6. We will send You a booking confirmation email. The creation of an agreement between You and Us for your Membership will only occur when We confirm acceptance of your application by sending You a welcome email.
        7. You will need to collect your Membership card at the box office by showing your booking confirmation email.
        8. Please note that as part of the online order process You will be asked to register your Membership Account with us. Registration is for a single user only. When registering your Membership Account You will be asked to create a password. Your login ID which is personal to You will be provided by email after sign-up ("Membership ID"). The email address that You provide must be an account personal to You and not a generic or shared email account.
        9. If You do not register your Membership Account with us You will not be able to access your Membership benefits on our Website, but You will still be entitled to access your Membership benefits in person at the Cinema.
        10. Applying at the Cinema
      4. If You have applied for a Membership Scheme in person at the box office or Membership Scheme kiosk, and your application is accepted, We will send You a booking confirmation email confirming acceptance of your application and asking You to set a password for your online account. You will also be provided with your Membership card.
      5. Annual Membership Fees
        1. There is no annual fee for the free tiers. There is only a fee for the Loyalty Plus schemes.
        2. The annual fee for Loyalty Plus / Loyalty Plus O65 is as set out on the Website, and in the Cinema at the box office. The annual fee is inclusive of VAT.
        3. The annual fee must be paid at the same time as applying for Loyalty Plus.
        4. Loyalty Plus is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. You understand that by purchasing Loyalty Plus You are committing to pay the full annual subscription fee in advance for a period of 12 months (subject to these Terms). Loyalty Student/U25 is valid for 730.
        5. Payment can be made using cash (if applying in person at the Cinema), a debit or credit card, or gift cards.
        6. During the application process You will be asked for your payment details. By completing these You are confirming that the bank account information / debit or credit card is yours. All card payments are subject to authorisation by your card issuer.
        7. To make any payment by credit, debit or charge card, You must provide the cardholder's name and email address, the card number, the card security code, the card expiry date.
        8. We reserve the right to increase the annual fee from year to year but this will not affect any membership You already have.
        9. We make every effort to ensure that the correct prices are displayed on Our Website. However, if We realise services have been given the wrong price, We will correct this without delay.
      6. Renewals and upgrades
        1. You may apply to renew or upgrade your Membership online through your Membership Account on the Website, or in the Cinema at the box office. Student/U25 renewals need to be handled at box office in person with a valid ID.
        2. Loyalty is free to join and has no expiry date.
        3. Loyalty Members may cancel their Loyalty Membership Schemes at any time free of charge by contacting
        4. Loyalty Plus is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase, and will automatically expire after 365 days. We will email You before the expiry of your Membership with details of how You can renew your Membership (including the price of a new Membership).
        5. Memberships are not transferable.
      7. right to cancel membership
        1. You have the right to cancel your Light House / Pálás Membership within 14 days of You receiving your booking confirmation email without giving any reason (the "Cooling Off Period").
        2. The Cooling Off Period will expire after 14 days from the day You receive your booking confirmation email.
        3. If You decide to cancel your Membership outside of the Cooling Off Period, no refund of the subscription fee will be made unless there are mitigating circumstances, although We may, in Our absolute discretion offer refunds in exceptional circumstances.
        4. To exercise your right to cancel, You must inform Us of your decision to cancel your Membership by a clear statement (eg a letter sent by post or email).
        5. To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for You to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right to cancel before the Cooling Off Period has expired.
      8. Effects of cancellation
        1. If You cancel your Membership in accordance with clause 8, We will reimburse to You all payments received from You.
        2. We may make a deduction from the reimbursement for any discounts you have received at the Cinema via your Membership up until the date which You notified us of your decision to cancel your Membership.
        3. We will make the reimbursement without undue delay, and not later than 14 days after the day on which We are informed about your decision to cancel your Membership.
        4. We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as You used for the initial transaction, unless You have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, You will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement.
      9. Membership Benefits
        1. Loyalty entitles the holder to:
          1. No online booking fees;
          2. earn loyalty points on every €1 spent at the Cinema (further details are set out in clause 14 below); and
          3. A Loyalty card
        2. Loyalty Student/U25 Membership entitles the holder to:
          1. all the benefits of Loyalty; and
          2. access to Student/U25 pricing including reduced tickets (with the exception of bank holidays) and special offers on concessions
          3. Exclusive Member Screenings
        3. Loyalty Plus / O65 Membership entitles the holder to:
          1. the benefits of Loyalty;
          2. discounted tickets on regular programme, event cinema / special events not included;
          3. 2 free tickets
          4. Access to preview screenings; and
        4. Benefits cannot be claimed beyond the 12 month subscription period.
        5. Members can only access ticket discounts on production of a valid Membership Scheme card or citing email address.
        6. Membership discounts are not available in conjunction with other ticket offers.
        7. We may occasionally offer additional discounts and promotions available to Members only. These are discretionary and may be withdrawn or amended by Us at any time without notice. You will need to show your valid Membership card to claim these additional discounts and promotions and they may also be subject to time restrictions, availability and other terms and conditions. To avoid disappointment, please ensure You check the terms and conditions for a promotional offer before trying to redeem it.
        8. Ticket discounts cannot be offered for Event Cinema, Special events and third party screenings such as festivals.
        9. We are not responsible for promotions related to Our services where such promotions are published on external websites or other media.
        10. Members shall have no preferential rights of access to any screenings, except special screenings organised specifically for Members.
      10. restrictions on free tickets for Membership
        1. Free tickets will only be valid whilst You have a current and valid membership.
        2. Free tickets cannot be used for premium priced events.
        3. Free tickets must be booked in advance (either on the Website or in person) for programmed screenings.
      11. Using The Membership Card
        1. Members must present their Membership card at the box office or bar to access their benefits. The Membership card will be scanned to check its validity, and additional identification may be requested.
        2. Your Membership card is not transferable and can only be used by the cardholder.
        3. You may be required to present your Membership card together with your ticket before entering the auditorium. Entrance will not be permitted without the Member presenting their Membership card. If You do not present a valid Membership Card with your ticket, You will be required to purchase a full price ticket.
      12. Loyalty Points
        1. Points are earned for every €1 spent on tickets and products.
        2. You can check Your loyalty points balance on Your Membership Account and in person at the box office.
        3. Loyalty points can be redeemed on any purchase at the Cinema (including on the Website), excluding gift cards, and alcohol
        4. Loyalty points cannot be redeemed against the purchase on which the points have been awarded.
        5. Loyalty points cannot be redeemed against purchases that You pay for with points.
        6. Loyalty points will only be added at the time of purchase or may be added later at Our discretion.
        7. You must spend a minimum of €1 in a single transaction to earn loyalty points.
        8. Double points offers only apply to time-limited offers as explicitly stated.
        9. We reserve the right to vary the points issued on qualifying purchases. Any product may be excluded from the loyalty points scheme at Our absolute discretion.
        10. 100 points equates to a free ticket. Loyalty points cannot be used as part-payment. To pay with loyalty points, Your balance must exceed the total order amount.
        11. Loyalty points cannot be exchanged for cash.
      13. Lost, Stolen Or Defective membership Cards
        1. You will need to email as soon as possible to report any lost, stolen or defective Membership card.
        2. For the avoidance of doubt, no refunds will be given for tickets purchased by You between the date the Membership card was lost, stolen or damaged or a replacement Membership card was requested and the date You receive your new Membership card. You will not be entitled to a discounted ticket until the replacement Membership card has been received and is presented as necessary to obtain or collect tickets and to gain entry to the auditorium.
        3. You will be able to collect a replacement Membership card in person at the Cinema if You can answer certain security questions (for example, your name and membership number) to allow staff to access your Membership Account.
        4. We will provide one replacement Membership Scheme card per each 12 month subscription period.
      14. Changes to these terms
        1. If We make material changes to these Terms, We will notify You of the change by contacting You using the details You have provided in your Membership Account. This will usually be by email but We may contact You using a different method of communication, for example by post.
      15. Information Provided
        1. You confirm that the personal information You provide during the application process that identifies You (including contact information) is accurate and complete, and that You are authorised to provide such personal information.
        2. It is your responsibility to ensure that you notify Us of any changes in your personal contact details which relates to your Membership. We will not be responsible for matters arising from errors or omissions in personal information provided by You.
        3. When communicating with you, We will use the contact information (email address and phone numbers) provided in your Membership Account. It is therefore important that You keep your contact details up to date.
        4. We respect your privacy and protect all personal information You provide. The information You provide will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy.
      16. Suspension And Termination
        1. We may suspend your Membership, temporarily deactivate your Membership card or terminate your Membership (in Our discretion) if:
          1. we suspect any fraud in any matter connected to your Membership;
          2. there is any significant misuse of your Membership or Membership card;
          3. You breach the T&Cs or You engage in any behaviour or activity that is disruptive or damaging to us; or
        2. If We terminate your Membership under this clause 18, We have no obligation to refund You for any Membership fee You have paid.
      17. general
        1. Please note the Cinema may be closed on a permanent or temporary basis from time to time, including for refurbishment or due to an event outside Our control. We shall have no liability under or be deemed to be in breach of these Terms for any delays or failures in performance of these Terms which result from any event beyond Our reasonable control.

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