Why We Love Brendan Fraser

Light House is going full Brenaissance in the week leading up to the release of The Whale on February 3rd, and bringing all the reasons why we love BRENDAN FRASER back to the big screen!

It's a week of highlights including a double helping of Rick O’Connell in the eternally enjoyable The Mummy and The Mummy Returns on Saturday January 28th. Following this double bill on the same date, he's ready to rock with bandmates Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi in Airheads.

Add to these Gods and Monsters, California Man, George of the Jungle, Blast from the Past and The Quiet American and it all amounts to a week full of rich, fun, humble, heroic and warm characters that all serve as reminders as to why we love Brendan Fraser and rejoice at his return!

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