Don’t Ever Stop: Tony De Vit
CLUB 18+83 min

Director: Stuart Pollitt Starring:Tony De Vit Released:Sun 18 Feb 2024


Doc'n Roll Film Festival Presents...Don't Ever Stop: Tony De Vit

Working-class gay DJ Tony De Vit invented hard house music and made it mainstream – his fans included Madonna and Boy George when he was the star attraction at all-night London club Trade.

In 1996, in his late 30s, he was on the cusp of becoming one the biggest DJs in the world.

Robert Ferguson, already known as Fergie, was a 15-year-old budding DJ in a small town in Northern Ireland. At the same age, teenage rebel Andi Buckley had been kicked out of school and out of home in Birmingham – but had begun to work in the dance music industry.

This powerful documentary tells the story of how the three men's lives became intertwined in a tale of love, loss, gay identity, hero worship, attitudes to AIDS and the 90s boom in dance music.

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