Io capitano
15A121 min

Director: Matteo Garrone Starring:Bamar Kane, Seydou Sarr, Didier Njikam, Moustapha Fall Released:Tue 07 May 2024


The vision most people have of Senegalese Refugees is of boatloads of them arriving in Europe or dying at sea. In interview with Director Matteo Garrone, he said he made Io Capitano as, “a reverse shot to tell part of the story that people don’t see or read.” This story of the two teenagers’ odyssey starts in their village in Senegal, where they are loved by family and celebrated for their musical skills. This is where we learn to care about the two Senegalese teenagers and understand who and what they leave behind to embark on their perilous journey. It is here we also experience the exceptional cinematography of Paolo Carnera who uses the atmospheric light and color to imbue life into the opening scenes.Like any great adventure movie, you forget you are watching and camp out on the edge of your seat. This is due in no small part to the mesmerizing performances of the two young actors Seydou Sarr and Moustapha Fall who were discovered in a small town audition about 60 miles from Dakar Senegal. Sarr’s ability to inhabit and convert the emotional tug of war between a mother who forbids him to leave and loyalty he pledges to his best friend, who stokes the dream of a better life, won him the Marcello Mastroianni Award at the 80th Venice Film Festival for Best Young Actor.

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