JFF: Egoist

JFF: Egoist
CLUB 18+99 min

Director: Daishi Matsunaga Starring:Ryohei Suzuki, Hio Miyazawa, Sawako Agawa Released:Thu 11 Apr 2024


When wealthy magazine editor Kosuke begins classes with his new personal trainer Ryuta, there’s an immediate spark between the two men. Before long, they begin a passionate romantic relationship. Ryuta works hard in a bid to earn enough money to support his mother. Kosuke pledges to f inancially support them however he can, but soon he notices Ryuta - who has not yet come out to his mother - growing more distant. However, an unexpected tragedy abruptly changes everything. Based on Takayama Makoto's autobiographical novel, Egoist is a be autiful, poignant romantic drama.

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