JFF: Love Will Tear Us Apart

JFF: Love Will Tear Us Apart
CLUB 18+87 min

Director: Kenichi Ugana Starring:Saya Kubota, Yuzu Aoki, Mitsuru Fukikoshi Released:Sat 13 Apr 2024


When young Wakaba sees her classmate Koki being bullied, she decides to intervene and help Koki - an act that leads to a new friendship but also a shocking act of retaliation. Years later, Wakaba has moved on with her life. But when any man who tries to ta ke advantage of her winds up murdered by a masked killer, Wakaba starts to suspect her old friend may be responsible for the grizzly deaths. Love Will Tear Us Apart is a wildly entertaining spin on the typical slasher movie, chock - full of dark humour and o ver - the - top violence.

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