JFF: Ripples

JFF: Ripples
CLUB 18+120 min

Director: Naoko Ogigami Starring:Hayato Isomura, Mariko Tsutsui, Ken Mitsuishi, Tamae Ando Released:Mon 15 Apr 2024


Yoriko lives a quiet, uneventful life with her husband Osamu, son Takuya and ailing father - in - law. But when the 2011 earthquake hits, Osamu - terrified of radiation poisoning - flees his home and family. Years later, Yoriko has moved on, spending her time maintaining a pristine rock garden. But when a dishevelled and ailing Osamu unexpectedly reappears, Yoriko’s path to inner peace and liberation is rudely interrupted... Director Naoko Ogigami ( Rent - a - Cat, Close - Knit ) delivers a blackly comic, frequently surp rising film that soars thanks to a masterful lead performance from Mariko Tsutsui (Harmonium)

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