Medusa Deluxe

Medusa Deluxe
15A100 min

Director: Thomas Hardiman Starring:Kayla Meikle, Anita-Joy Uwajeh, Claire Perkins, Lilit Lesser, Debris Stevenson Released:Tue 06 Jun 2023


The audaciously original debut from writer-director Thomas Hardiman, MEDUSA DELUXE is a bold, camp and unique take on the murder mystery. After a stylist is found dead at a hairdressing competition, the remaining competitors try to uncover the killer over the course of an evening, in this vivacious and absurdly comic ensemble drama. Rivalry and mistrust build as the remaining group of determined contestants suspect that someone may be trying to rig the competition, by gruesomely picking off its entrants. Hardiman’s extravagant whodunnit features stunning cinematography from Academy Award nominee Robbie Ryan (The Favourite), an electronic score by Koreless and dazzling hair designs by renowned stylist Eugene Souleiman.

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