N.I.C.E: Volare

N.I.C.E: Volare
CLUB 18+100 min

Director: Margherita Buy Starring:Margherita Buy, Elena Sofia Ricci, Giulia Michelini, Euridice Axen, Franesco Colella Released:Sat 27 Apr 2024


One day, Annabì decides it’s enough. Her whole life has been affected by her fear of flying and so has her career. She is a successful actress but has turned down many roles abroad because flying is an insurmountable obstacle for her. Now, her daughter Serena has decided to study in California. Obsessed with the idea of not being a good mother, Annabì forces herself to cross the dreaded threshold of Fiumicino airport and to head to a secluded area where a class will take place. Other mysterious travelers are heading to the same place, all of them with their own baggage of fears and willing to overcome their aerophobia.

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