The Land Before Time
G69 min

Director: Don Bluth Starring: Released:Sat 18 Nov 2023


Five years before he would give dinosaurs an entirely new lease of cinematic life with 1993’s Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg teamed up with George Lucas and animation legend Don Bluth to executive produce this animated adventure. Adorable ‘Longneck’ Littlefoot’s motley gang of friends are a delight to spend time with, from stubborn ‘Threehorn’ Cera, to nervous ‘Flyer’ Petrie. Spielberg’s big-hearted family values are very much on show, but there’s also a natural undercurrent of darkness that Bluth brings from his days as a Disney animator. There’s a very good reason this was a mainstay of any family VCR machine throughout the 90s.

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