It's the time of year to spread some cheer, so start making a film list and check it twice, as we excitedly bring you Naughty or Nice!

For the entire month of December, Light House and Pálás will be bringing the most beloved festive films and cult Christmas classics to the big screen. This year's nice list includes Frank Capra's iconic IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and 20th anniversary screenings of the utterly joyous ELF. The naughty list includes Stanley Kubrick's mysterious EYES WIDE SHUT and our annual trip to Nakatomi Tower in DIE HARD.

And we're finishing out the year in style with a 35MM print of Sofia Coppola's MARIE ANTOINETTE.

See you in December for this year's superb selection of cinematic stocking fillers.

  • There are no films available.

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