GAZE: New Irish Shorts (Sensory Screening)

GAZE: New Irish Shorts (Sensory Screening)
CLUB 18+105 min

Director: Starring: Released:Sat 05 Aug 2023


A second chance to watch this year’s bumper crop of new Irish short films in a chilled and friendly afternoon setting. This relaxed screening aimed at neurodivergent cinemagoers and guests with sensory disorders will be a repeat of our Irish shorts programme with dim lighting and lowered volume levels. Some of the films will have subtitles. There are 68 seats in the screen and no allocated seating. Patrons are free to come and go from the screen as they please, bring a support worker, use any toys and stims, and above all enjoy this exciting selection of new Irish screen voices.

WORTHY Dir. Zainab Boladale / 2023 / 3m

Sewa is a black woman struggling to get over her ex-girlfriend. Through her monologue we experience the emotional rollercoaster of a first break up.

THE TALK Dir. Jonathan Hughes / 2022 / 10m

The Talk chronicles the life changing conversation that takes place between father and son when staunchly unionist father Dennis walks in on his son Barry in bed with a man. But Barry

isn’t the only one hiding a secret from the family.

LET ME LIVE Dir. Éadaoin O'Shea Costley / 2022 / 4m

Documentary short film on the experience of a trans young person in Dublin Ireland

TRY AND TOUCH Dir. Nell Hensey / 2022 / 12m

Emer Danagher is a school girl in rural Ireland who is battling with the overwhelming agony of unrequited love. We see her build up the courage to come clean to her crush as she realises that she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. But at 17, it feels like her life will be over if she doesn't get the response she so desperately wants.

LAMBING Dir. Katie McNeice / 2022 / 18m

A young dad in rural Ireland must face his anxiety around gender and bullying when his baby is born intersex.

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