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      Not Another Teen Season @ Light House and Pálás


      It’s looking like a long, hot summer at Light House and Pálás with a celebration of the filmic right of passage that is the teen movie that will carry you all the way to autumn.

      Taking you on a journey through the very best the genre has to offer and right across the decades including 1973’s AMERICAN GRAFFITI, an ode to Queen of the 80’s Molly Ringwald with both PRETTY IN PINK and THE BREAKFAST CLUB, 1996’s supernatural horror THE CRAFT, and of course the classic genre satire NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE from 2001. Also included are more recent titles such as GIRLHOOD, EIGHTH GRADE and David Freyne’s 2020 queer coming of age tale DATING AMBER.

      There will be some one-off events which include a big finale CARRIE Prom Party, a homage to the era with a TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU 90’s theme night, you can sink your teeth into a TWILIGHT Marathon, Cinema Book Club will present EASY A in Light House and look out for plenty of surprises throughout.

      On planning the season, Element Cinema programmer Charlene Lydon commented:

      “It was a lot of fun putting this season together, teen movies encapsulate so much from the giddy highs of first loves, the queasy lows of heartbreak, and the overarching theme of finding yourself and your tribe. They shape pop culture, and when done right as seen from some of the classic picks such as THE BREAKFAST CLUB, CLUELESS and MEAN GIRLS influence and remain relevant for generations to come. I’m most excited about the season finale with our CARRIE Prom Party, as always fancy dress throughout the season but especially for the parties is very much encouraged.”

      The films that will feature in this season between July 3rd – September 10th are:

      • American Graffiti
      • Carrie + Prom Party
      • Fast Times at Ridgemont High
      • Footloose
      • A Nightmare on Elm Street
      • The Breakfast Club
      • Back To The Future
      • Pretty In Pink
      • Hairspray (1988)
      • Heathers
      • Society
      • Clueless
      • The Craft
      • Romeo + Juliet
      • Rushmore
      • The Faculty
      • 10 Things I Hate About You + 90’s Party
      • Battle Royale
      • Not Another Teen Movie
      • Donnie Darko
      • Save The Last Dance
      • Mean Girls
      • Hairspray (2007)
      • Persepolis
      • Twilight marathon
      • Easy A
      • Girlhood
      • Eighth Grade
      • Dating Amber

      Designer Meg Hyland has brought this season to life through specially commissioned artwork. Tickets are available to purchase now on and

      Our online shop is the perfect place to pick up gifts and cards for the film lover in your life For information, please contact - 0867908601

      Twitter/Facebook: @LightHouseD7

      Instagram: @lighthousecinema

      Twitter/Facebook: @PalasGalway

      Instagram: PalasCinema


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